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Monday, September 01, 2014
United in Christ at Christ United

United in Christ at Christ United

The Rev. Dr. Matthew D. Stewart, Senior Pastor


 Join the Journey from “Stewardship” to Generosity

Starting in September, our church will begin a four-week stewardship journey called “Extravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving.” The core of this program is the 28-day devotional guide, Practicing Extravagant Generosity, written by Robert Schnase, a United Methodist Bishop from the Missouri Conference. The book will be mailed to each family on August 25.  We will begin reading our

devotional guides on Monday, September 1. As we read the inspirational daily devotions together as a church, we will focus on three main questions:

What do I love about Christ United Methodist Church?
Who in my church family has made a difference in my spiritual life?
What is my vision and hope for Christ United Methodist Church?

Pastor Matt will be preaching on “the heart of giving” during worship each Sunday in September. The theme will also be explored through Bible studies (during Sunday School hour), storytelling, and the family daily devotional readings. We will be encouraged to consider God’s call on our hearts, and we will all have an opportunity to respond.

The worship theme for each Sunday will be –
September 7 – EKG: Ministry Flows from the Heart
September 14 – The Art of Love: Relationship Are Matters of the Heart
September 21 – Bucket Lists: Vision and Hope and Inspirations of the Heart

September 28 – “Commitment Sunday:” Declarations of Your Heart: Extravagant Generosity Is an Expression of Your Heart

We will keep you updated on this program through weekly letters, emails, and Facebook postings.  I am confident that these four weeks in September will be a time of spiritual growth and renewed commitment to the ministry at Christ United Methodist Church.

If you would like to volunteer on the Extravagant Generosity team to help implement this program, please contact Barbara Fatkin or Dave Razo.


Just for You...

Sunday's @ CUMC! 

Worship ~ 9 & 11AM
Sunday School ~ 10AM  
CR3W (Youth Ministry)
~ Middle & High School 4-6:30PM 
Kidz for Christ (PreK-4 thru 5th Grade) ~ 4-6:30PM, Admin Bldg
Young Adults ~ 5PM, F/H & WW Rm
1st Sunday of the month, Communion is offered