What we Believe

While United Methodist are a part of the long line of protestant denominations, we have many unique and distinct beliefs that help shape our understanding of God and the world. While it is difficult to explain all that we believe in a few sentences, below you will find a brief summary of our core beliefs about important elements of the Christian faith.

About Jesus :: 

We believe that Jesus is God's son, fully human and fully God, that lived a sinless life to both model an authentic relationship with God and atone for the sins of the world through his death and resurrection. We speak of Jesus not as a myth or idea, but as a person who lived in the world just as we do. He faced all of the elements that we face: heartbreak, joy, fear, love, discouragement, and peace. He is the example of a life lived fully engaged in the life of God and the perfecter of faith through his death and resurrection.

About Sin :: 

We believe that all people are sinners. We come from a long line of people who have attempted to live life apart from God and it shows throughout history. We believe that while sin has been conquered through Jesus' one time sacrifice, it is not dead yet. We understand part of our Christian journey as believers and followers of Christ becoming more like Christ and less like our sinful tendencies and nature through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

About Church :: 

We see throughout scripture that the church is less about a building or physical location and more about a movement. The church is not a holy huddle for people who all agree on all of the same things, but a diverse community of people who agree on one thing, God's love for the world. We are part of the United Methodist Church which is a connection of churches who agree on important theological topics and work to make a difference in the world through working together.

About Salvation :: 

We believe that Jesus Christ came to earth to reconnect all of humanity to God. We understand that salvation is available to all because of the work that Christ did in living a sinless life, offering himself at the cross, and then being raised. In the church we call this atonement, being returned to right relationship with God. As Methodist we believe that Salvation happens over a life time through no work or merit of our own.

About Baptism :: 

As Methodist we understand Baptism to be our initiation into the body of Christ and a sign of our identity in God.  It is a symbolic act of a person joining in the work of the Holy Spirit to become more and more like Christ. This sacrament is a covenant which includes, not only God and the person being baptized, but the community of faith which the person is becoming a part of. As Methodist we recognize and affirm infant baptism as a powerful reminder that God is at work in our lives before we are even fully aware of his presence. While the Methodist are often known for "sprinkling," we recognize and practice all three biblical means of baptism: immersion, pouring, and sprinkling.

About Communion :: 

As a United Methodist Congregation we will celebrate Holy Communion monthly. This worship experience is open to all people, regardless of your church affiliation or spiritual condition. We understand that God came to meet and rescue sinners, which includes ALL of us! While we use the language of "wine" during our Communion service, we use Grape Juice so that those who might be struggling with alcohol or other addictions can partake of the elements freely.

About the Bible :: 

We consider the Bible to be God's word for people. It is not simply a list of laws, but a collection of stories, history, and encouraging letters to followers of Christ. As Methodist we affirm the authority of scripture in our lives and trust that it offers all of us the good news of the gospel and principles for living well.

If you would like to read more, see the official statements concerning these and other unique United Methodist Traditions and Beliefs at the United Methodist Church Official Page.