What is Safe Sanctuaries?

In 1996 the governing body of the United Methodist Church, General Conference, required all United Methodist congregations regardless of size to implement policies and procedures to make sure no harm comes to those under the age of 18 or vulnerable adults while they are in our care and ministry. Every General Conference since 1996 has reaffirmed this commitment.  Safe Sanctuaries are defined policies and practices that are developed by our church and in accordance with our South Georgia Annual Conference direction.  It is a commitment from the church to it's guest and members that all children and youth will be supervised with appropriate care and boundaries.  Our goal in these guidelines are to help create environments on our church campus and during all of our ministry events to be places of trust between our families and the church.  


All of our volunteers that work with students (birth to 18 years old) are required to complete.  Contact Elisa for more information about serving.

Resources for Volunteers:

INSERT VIDEO FROM ELISA - for General Guidelines for Safe Sanctuaries (this is required if you did not attend a in-person training)

CONTRACT/COVENANT AGREEMENT - Download and print this and bring it to Elisa.